Fall Cleaning Checklist for Facility Managers

Fall Cleaning Checklist for Facility Managers

No matter the company and services you provide, deep cleaning is a crucial part of any maintenance regimen. Dirt and grime can quickly build up, leaving an unsightly and unsafe environment for your employees and customers. While daily cleaning routines can keep main areas tidy and organized, a deeper clean can help to remove set-in debris, germs, and allergens to provide a healthier environment. To keep your business looking its best this season, use these fall cleaning tips:

Fall cleaning tips for your company’s interior

Maintain a high standard of cleanliness throughout your building by adding this fall clean-up checklist to your standard routine:

Deep clean the floors

If you have hard-surface flooring, you may need to mop or polish them. If your business has carpets or area rugs, have them professionally cleaned during the fall to help remove stains, dirt, dust and other particles.

Dust fixtures and hard-to-reach corners

While you dust, don’t forget to reach items above eye-level, including fans, lights and other fixtures that might be ignored during a regular cleaning schedule.

Sanitize all high-touch areas

If your company is an office setting, this may include surfaces in the lobby like tables, doorknobs and reception desks. It may also include sanitizing cubicles or other workstations, including computers, keyboards, phones and gathering areas. This step is especially important during cold and flu season.

Deep clean the bathrooms

Clean, sanitize, and disinfect as needed all high-touch bathroom areas, including toilets, sinks, soap dispensers and doors.

Have your air ducts professionally inspected

If experts find a build-up of pollutants, they can remove them to help improve your company’s air quality, remediate any mold growth, and provide a healthier environment for all team members and customers.

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