4 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean in Winter

4 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean in Winter

Although the first signs of winter typically signal the year-end holidays, you shouldn’t be lax about the cleanliness of your office. The cold weather can drastically affect the environment of your property, especially since diseases and infectious germs are easily transferred during this time. For the colder months, you have to go beyond your normal cleaning practices.

To ensure that the workspace stays safe and healthy for everyone, here are four winter cleaning tips you can follow:


When someone enters your office, they can drag in a significant amount of slush and snow. The debris not only makes it dangerous to walk on your floors, but they can also cause major moisture damage if not removed properly. When you allow snow and ice to settle, they encourage mold, mildew, and other waterborne bacteria to grow. These irritants are more difficult to eliminate because they spread fast and are often found in hard-to-reach areas.

To prevent these incidents from happening, you have to invest in entrance mats, so people can dry their feet before proceeding further into the office. You should also sweep and vacuum the floors regularly to remove dirt, and dust.


Winter is a difficult time for your windows. Since it hardly rains during this season, ice and snow can easily form on the panes. If a window is completely covered, it can’t invite sunlight or heat into the building – reducing the warmth in your property. What’s more, the weight of the debris can cause the glass to warp, crack, or break. Thus, you have to make it a habit to clean the windows regularly to stop ice and snow from blanketing over them.

Office Environment

Since people have a higher risk of getting sick during winter, you have to make sure that your property is consistently sanitized and disinfected. No one should catch a cold or the flu if the virus causing the illness isn’t present in the environment. If you want to fully protect your co-workers from all kinds of harmful bacteria, you need to make sure that the following items are cleaned:

  • Office supplies
  • Keyboards and laptops
  • Door handles
  • Work stations

Your coworkers will be thankful that they can work without having to worry about taking a sick leave.

It takes extra time and care to keep your office clean during winter. However, with diligence and a lot of patience, your hard work will pay off. A clean work space ensures that everyone is able to work comfortably and stay productive. It also gives you peace of mind before the year ends.

You can clean your office on your own. However, it’s much easier and faster if you contact The Heiser Group and let us handle the cleanup instead. Our company has the necessary equipment and experience to conduct a full office cleaning.


Article: valorjanitorial.com