5 Reasons Successful Realtors Use Cleaning Services

5 Reasons Successful Realtors Use Cleaning Services

Realtors can use many strategies to help a property shine, but impeccable staging and new carpets can only do so much for a property that is dusty and dirty. Cleanliness is the first thing buyers notice about a property, and a clean home instantly communicates value. So whether you’re showing a fix-it-up foreclosure, a newly updated property, or a brand new dream house, cleaning services are your secret to success!

Make it Market Ready

A home must be clean before it goes on the market. At times, homeowners move in a hurry or simply leave a mess—so it’s your job to get that home spick and span before taking pictures for listing or inviting prospective buyers to view the property. Cleaning services are thorough and act quickly so you can get your valuable properties on the market sooner.

A Clean Move-In

A few buyers have toured the home, and despite your best efforts, dust has settled and dirt has been tracked throughout. A buyer’s offer has been accepted and they are near closing…but the buyer expressed they need to move in as soon as possible. Don’t panic! Not only does the property need a quick cleaning, but a clean home is the least your client deserves for their exciting move-in. Make it your policy to schedule move-in cleanings for all of your properties; your clients won’t forget the gesture, and you will build a reputation of excellence and generosity among your peers.

Post-Construction Cleaning

But what about brand new properties? Surely they’re clean, right? Wrong. Even new homes gather debris during showings, and while contractors strive to leave their projects clean and complete, a bit of construction dust is inevitable. Be careful to leave the items that market the home as specifically new and unused—protective seals, user directions, etc. Buyers looking at new properties like to see these details as confirmation of newness. However, a cleaning service can be ideal to tidy up the dust of construction and gather builder’s extras (screws, switch plates, tiles) that can look messy, instead of reflecting the courtesy of the builder.

Vacation Rental Properties

If your specialty is vacation rental homes, it is likely that your properties are only seasonally inhabited. All the more important for you to maintain these properties regularly so they are fresh and client-ready when the time comes. Vacation properties require cleaning before and after renter-use, but they should also receive maintenance during the off-season to combat staleness and discover any property use issues before your clients are looking to get away for the weekend.


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