Keeping Your Office Clean During The Rainy Season

Keeping Your Office Clean During The Rainy Season

The rainy season is fast approaching and with it, an increase in wet footprints, debris and other mess collecting in your entryways, hallways, and carpets. Keeping your office clean during the winter months takes a little extra effort, but will preserve that pristine first impression and can actually save you money in the long run.

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your office in tip-top shape through this wet season:

1. Keep Entryways Slip-free

Keep heavy-duty entryway rugs and mats capture most of the inevitable water and slush that get tracked into your office. Natural fiber doormats will invite people to dry off their shoes before walking into your business. That will limit the number of accidental slips and falls and will get rid of excess moisture that can get trapped in carpeting and lead to mold issues.

2. Disinfect Shared Spaces

Be sure to wipe down door handles, light switches conference tables and chairs, workstations, telephones, copy machines, and other shared spaces on a daily basis to keep bacteria at bay.

3. Dust and Mop Frequently

Vacuum, sweep and mop your floors more frequently during severe weather. Regular dusting of furniture, equipment countertops, and door jambs will not only keep the office fresh, but it also knocks dust particles and other impurities to the floor where they can be mopped or vacuumed up and removed from circulation.

4. Shine Up Those Windows

Windows can get especially grimy in the winter and need extra attention to remove water spots caused by rain, dirt builds-up and will allow beneficial sunlight into your office.

5. Don’t Forget the HVAC System

Ventilation systems can trap and recirculate airborne pathogens which compromises the quality of your indoor air. Annual duct cleaning, replacing filters and having the HVAC system checked for broken parts or inefficient operation greatly reduces the spread of germs and bacteria.