Should Real Estate Agents Hire a Cleaning Service?

Should Real Estate Agents Hire a Cleaning Service?

Real estate agents are constantly looking for an edge. One overlooked aspect comes in the form of ensuring that a home is clean and ready to be shown. As many real estate agents will attest, it can be quite a roller coaster ride to rely upon a homeowner to ensure the cleanliness of their house and the quality of presentation. For this reason, it is best for real estate agents to play an active role in the presentation of showing a home. That means hiring a professional cleaning service like The Heiser Group.

Dirty Homes Often Just Don’t Sell

The bottom line is that many homes just don’t sell. Quite often, the reason that this is the case isn’t that there is anything wrong with the home, but instead it is an issue of presentation. A great home that is dirty can sit on the market, even in a hot market. But luckily, real estate agents can take matters into their own hands with a maid service.

A Maid Service Can Help Put Money in Your Pocket!

The quicker that you, as a real estate agent, can get a home sold and off the market, the more money you make and the more clients you can serve. Hiring us can mean money in your pocket!

The longer that a home sits on the market, the more money you are potentially losing. You need to keep properties moving so you can deal with new clients and new homes. The simple truth is that if you have a home that isn’t moving, you should stop to reflect on its level of cleanliness. An easy and cost effective home cleaning could make all the difference in the world!

A Professional Cleaning is a Selling Point

When it comes to selling a home, many factors are “locked” in place, such as location, the state and condition of the homes in the area, proximity to a highway and a host of other variables. Yet, there are also many steps that you can take to help your home stand out and seem more desirable. One low cost but highly effective way of helping your home stand out is to let potential buyers know that the home has recently been professionally cleaned. You could even tell buyer’s agents what was done during the cleaning process. Individuals who greatly value neatness will truly appreciate this, and it is subtle way to indicate that you care about your home. This alone will increase its perceived value.